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Overview of how user access works on the Web-GAAP website. Users are granted access to an entity's fiscal year. Read-only access to an entity's fiscal year will continue indefintely. Update access is limited to a period of 9 months. At which time, the system will change the update access to read-only for that fiscal year. If the user needs the update access restored they will need to re-request the access.

When opening a new fiscal year for an entity, a user will need to request update access for the current fiscal year and next fiscal year. The ITC or NWOCA will only grant update access to the current year. When that user opens the new fiscal year, the system will grant that user update access to the newly opened fiscal year. Once the new year is opened, any additional users can be given the requested access to the new fiscal year.

School district personnel who utilize the USAS software from an Information Technology Center(ITC):

The treasurer will need to send an email to your ITC's fiscal department requesting a Web-GAAP account for the district and all users who will need access to the district's account. The user's name, username, email address and contact phone number will be required to set up a new user account. Also, please specify the fiscal year and the type of access (read-only or update) each user is to be granted.

Non-school district personnel (Cities/Counties/etc):

The treasurer/chief financial officer will need to fax the signed request on the City's/County's/etc. letterhead to the Web-GAAP Team and request access for the entity and all users. If users do not currently have a Web-GAAP account, you'll need to provide a first and last name, email address and contact phone number for each, along with the fiscal year and the type of access (read-only or update) they are to be given. The fax number can be found on the Web-GAAP Contact Information page.

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